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Istanbul, TR

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Having entered the zipper sector in 1988, ECE Zipper has been running at its modern plant with 20.000 m2 closed site and its qualified staff in Avcilar Firuzköy.

ECE Zipper is an integrated establishment with its narrow weaving unit, modern dye-house, casting-house where special pullers are designed and produced with advanced technology machinery.

Our narrow weaving machineries are able to produce standart and special design tapes with the capacity of 60 million meters yearly.
Our HT system dyehouse has the biggest dyeing capacity with 900 tons per year.

We manufacture our products by the World standarts and export mainly to Germany, Italy, Holland, England, and France, other Europen countries, Israel,Morocco, Syria and Algeria.

We deliver metal, nylon and moulded plastic zippers to clients in time which are controlled in every process of the production.


Our main target is to enable the customer satisfaction by running all our activities in a discipline from process of taking the order to after-sales-service.

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